Zul Khamsani, Jonathan Dvash and Hugh Goodfellow’s concept was simple: Maine-style lobster rolls served out of a caravan parked on Elwood Beach. All they needed was a name. “We were originally going to call it Point Lobster, because it’s down at Point Ormond,” says Goodfellow. “Jono suggested Pinchy’s, and we just started pissing ourselves laughing.”

For those not schooled in Simpsons lore, Pinchy is Homer’s beloved pet lobster, who he’s forced to cook and eat. For Goodfellow, the reference speaks to the warm sentimentalism of childhood – fishing trips and family holidays – which the group hopes to evoke with its sandwiches. “You get a bit nostalgic, and you remember Homer bawling over this lobster while eating the buttery goodness,” he says, laughing.

The Pinchy Roll features West Australian rock lobster, kewpie mayo, cumin and hot paprika, and it’s drizzled with lemon juice, Himalayan pink salt and chives. There is also a version made with Nam Jim prawn cutlets, and another stuffed with Morton Bay Bug. To go with the beachside theme, there’ll be ice-cream sandwiches and spiders.

The project, which will last the summer, is a collaboration between the boys from Ripponlea’s Spout cafe and Dumbo Feather which has provided its 1966 American Airstream serving as Pinchy’s home. “They found it in a junker in Queensland. Dumbo Feather towed it back down and fixed it up,” says Goodfellow. “Two thirds of it is the kitchen, and then we’ve got a dining table and eating area in the back.”

While the boys will continue dishing up the shellfish, they warn that this weekend’s run of bad weather will most likely force them to down the shutters. Otherwise, Pinchy’ll be in all summer. After that, they’ll either be looking for a permanent location or taking Pinchy’s on the road as a food truck.

The Airstream
Point Ormond Road, Elwood

Pinchy's is open Friday to Sunday, from 5pm to 9pm until March 2015. Opening hours may vary depending on weather. Check Pinchy’s Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to find out when it will be open.