Each year in December, Pidapipo Gelateria founder Lisa Valmorbida puts her Christmas Pudding gelato on the menu. This year, due to a request-slash-demand from her sister’s boyfriend to ensure Christmas Pudding was back, she was inspired to add more seasonal flavours to the December line-up.

We spoke with Valmorbida about the limited-edition varieties, and the Christmases that inspire them.

Broadsheet: You created three new flavours for Christmas, tell us about them.
Lisa Valmorbida: The flavours are inspired by the familiar tastes of Christmas. Christmas Pudding with Chocolate Chip has all the spices and fruit you would expect, but we’ve added Hunted + Gathered Ecuador 70 per cent chocolate to make the chocolate chips. There’s Eggnog with Fried Panettone – a typical way to eat panettone is to dip it into zabaglione, but to make it that extra bit Christmas-y I decided to pair it with an eggnog flavour, which is quite similar but it has rum and nutmeg, which reminds me of this time of year. And gingerbread is another familiar Christmas taste, which goes really well with fresh ginger gelato. Ginger isn't a typical ingredient to add into gelato but it has worked really well. It's quite spicy.

BS: How do you come up with these ideas?
LV: I usually put the Christmas Pudding flavour on the menu each year, and my sister’s boyfriend messaged me a few weeks ago to remind me to make sure I put it on – it’s his favourite of all my flavours and he gets excited every Christmas for it. This year I put in chocolate chip because I love the chocolate I use, and it improved it 100 per cent. That made me think I should make a few more Christmas-inspired flavours, as people seem to really enjoy them.

BS: At your own Christmas, do you serve the gelato alone?
LV: We serve Fior Di Latte gelato with my grandma’s Christmas pudding. Then I put out a few different flavours on the table so people can help themselves.

BS: How will you serve it?
LV: We keep them in the Pidapipo tubs and everyone takes a spoon and digs in. Another idea is to make affogato with the gelato.

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BS: What's your favourite part of the Christmas meal?
LV: My favourite part is that it never ends. I used to help prepare everything, however, it's hard to get out of the shop this time of year. Mum does the best job. I usually help on the day carving the turkey and peeling prawns. Pidapipó on the dessert table, of course!

BS: What’s on your Christmas wishlist?
LV: Jewellery from Melbourne jewellery maker By Nye.

Pidapipo Christmas flavours are on the menu, and available on UberEats, until December 31.