The Little Grocer, Armadale
(03) 9500 1192

Three Tasmanian cheeses (blue, brie and St Claire)
Queensland strawberries
Fresh figs
Dried pink nectarines, pear and apricots
Vanilla, ginger and pear conserve
Quince paste
Rosemary and sea salt lavosh
Vue de Monde baguettes
Balsamic caramelised baby onions
Whole fresh pear poached in shiraz and tarragon
House-made cheese twists
Fresh Medjool dates

Bezela Foodstore, Carlton
(03) 9347 9393

Hard cheese - Gruyere (Swiss cows milk cheese, sweet and nutty) or Midnight Moon (organic goats' milk cheese from California)
Free-range French salami (based on the traditional French saucisson sec)
House-marinated olives from Mount Zero
750 ml Hansi lemonade
Organic salted corn chips
Tomato salsa
Happy Fruit (dried seasonal stone fruit)
Chocolate-dipped almond bread from Cesare Cimino

Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder
(03) 9421 2808

Freekah Salad
Sliced prosciutto sandwiches
Chicken Waldorf sandwiches
Cheese board
Shropshire blue cheese
Le Conquérant camembert cheese
Pyengana cheddar cheese
Sparkling water
Italian drinks
(Comes with a special picnic basket with sets of four plates, cups, knifes, spoons, forks and cloth napkins)

Additional cheeseboards, napkins and plates provided by Milk & Sugar.

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