Piccolina – the gelateria known for using house-made nut butters, freshly baked bread and homemade jam in its ice-cream – launched its vegan gelato range last year, and now it's back with three new vegan flavours.

Bacio (Italian chocolate with hazelnut), peanut butter with chocolate-cookie crumble and lemon cheesecake will be added to the menu for a one-week trial run. Also back on the menu is last year’s favourite, pistachio.

“If we didn’t put pistachio on, I think there would have been an uproar,” says Piccolina owner Sandra Foti.

While the gelateria was already selling a vegan dark-chocolate gelato and a handful of dairy-free sorbets, Foti and her team wanted to provide some creamier options for the lactose-averse.

“It was about doing the flavours that vegans never get to have,” she says.

There’ll be vegan milkshakes, too, made with your choice of gelato flavour and rice milk – which Piccolina has made the transition to after experimenting with almond milk last year.

“Almond milk is beautiful, but it can cover the flavours,” explains Foti. “With the rice milk, that intensity in each of the flavours comes through a lot more.”

While Piccolina’s vegan week is supposed to be just that – a week – last year’s response means that Foti wouldn’t be surprised if they have to extend it a little longer this year too.

Piccolina's Vegan Gelato Week runs until January 17.


This article was updated on January 14, 2019 at 10.33am.