Piccolina, the gelateria known for use of house-made nut butters, freshly baked bread and homemade jam in its ice-cream, is launching five new vegan flavours.

Almond with croccante (an Italian nut brittle); peanut butter with dark-chocolate stracciatella; pistachio; hazelnut; and almond granita will all be added to the menu this Thursday for a one week trial run.

“We wanted to just do pure flavours,” says Piccolina owner Sandra Foti. “Almond granita is a traditional Italian flavour that we get asked for all the time. People who have travelled to Italy hold this memory of [it]. We are trying to introduce that memory into the menu.”

There’ll be vegan milkshakes, too, made with a choice of almond or rice milk.

While the shop was already selling a vegan dark-chocolate gelato and a handful of dairy-free sorbets, Foti and her team have spent the last two months meticulously developing the extended range.

“When you’re trying to replicate a creamy gelato as a vegan flavour it’s challenging,” Foti says. “The milk you use is really low in fat and you need to balance it out. It’s a scientific, technical process.”

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The new range uses almond milk from Australian brand Almo, which churns its almonds rather than soaking, blending and straining. This gives the resulting almond milk a rich, creamy consistency.

If the trial run proves successful, Foti hopes to introduce the new flavours to the fixed menu soon.