If deciding between imitation jumpers, fresh bocconcini and diamante belts is getting a bit much, Melbourne coffee stalwarts Padre have got your perfect mid-shopping caffeine hit sorted, with their new outpost at Queen Victoria Market.

The coffee spot has cleverly converted two shipping containers into a smart little coffee nook on the south west fringe of Queen Victoria Market, alongside the car park on Peel Street.

Padre Queen Victoria Market is the centrepiece of the new String Bean Alley, a shopping strip showcasing locally produced artisan wares – and of course coffee – all housed in shipping containers. Padre were the first to be invited to be part of the project, which has come to fruition in a short period of time. Due to a National Trust classification that prevents the market from building permanent structures, the shipping container idea was introduced as a novel way of opening this unused part of the market

Opening last month, the shop fit-out was completed in just over two weeks, with the owners themselves doing all the leg work right down to tiling and powder-coating the coffee machines in their signature aqua hue.

Like all Padre stores (Padre South Melbourne and League of Honest Coffee), beans are available for purchase. Roasted at Padre HQ, the Brunswick East Project, house blends and a seasonal menu of single origins are available, as well as an ever-changing in-house menu. Whilst they are selling various gadgets for coffee nerds, this store doesn't have the luxury of space to indulge in the drips, syphons and pour-overs that feature in other stores. However, Padre have invested in the cult ‘Clover’ brewing machine from the US. These hi-tech $11,000 machines are unassuming (you could be mistaken for thinking it was a water filtration device), but using complex time and temperature settings are able to extract the truest flavour out of the bean.

If you're looking for another reason to do your shopping at the Queen Victoria Market, here it is.

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Padre Queen Vic Market is now open all market days.

Peel Street end of M Shed (near car park and Spanish Donuts)

Tue & Thu 7am-2pm
Fri, Sat to Sun 7am-4pm