Travelling through Asia and Latin America brings about regular encounters with some amazing foods, especially if you're prepared to live off the fare provided by street vendors. Best mates Kunal Khanna and Tyson Savanahl did exactly that, and got to to know the places they travelled through via the street food - cheap, authentic and always accessible.

When the guys came back to Melbourne, they noticed that although the city had plenty of food trucks, our own street food culture wasn’t yet bubbling away, so they decided to try their hands at it. The result is Overdosa - a mobile dosa stand in Fitzroy that churns out hundreds of cheap and delicious dosas every weekend.

A dosa is an Indian savoury crepe made from fermented rice and lentil batter. The boys dollop the batter onto a custom made hot plate, before spreading it quickly in a circular motion to make it thin. It's then cooked with low cholesterol oil until golden and crispy, and stuffed with a selection of vegan and vegetarian friendly fillings.

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"We read heaps of recipes and got pretty experimental with the fillings," Savanahl says. "We came up with some unique flavour combos, and there were some definite winners amongst them."

Currently the boys are setting up camp on a small patch at Mottanai Vintage Cycle Warehouse on Rose Street, Fitzroy on weekends. On the current menu at Overdosa are three of their winning combinations - classic potato masala, smoky eggplant with peas, and spicy tamarind pumpkin. Served with a zesty salad for $9 each, these tasty meals stay true to the boys' idea of creating real street food for the hungry masses. You can choose your chutney that accompanies the dosa (when they say 'hot' chilli, they mean it) and there's a range of Indian drinks and juices that do wonders to cool down the spice factor.

Overdosa are open every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to sunset at 50 Rose Street, Fitzroy, until mid-December when they plan to set up at summer festivals.