Joining the growing list of wholesome cafes (Combi, Patch, Admiral Cheng-Ho, just to name a few) is Melbourne Street Organics. Founders Kristen and Joseph Morrison first established themselves in 2011 as the local organic grocer on High Street, Malvern. Expanding just two weeks ago with a cosy cafe out the back, Melbourne Street Organics Cafe delivers a variety of deliciously nutritious mealtime and snacking options.

The husband and wife duo first embarked on an organic life after their son’s health problems diminished following a toxin-free living path. After that, the two felt compelled to share their healthy-living plan with others. “Organic food provides our bodies with optimum nutrition without the toxic load of chemical pesticides and fertilisers. But what many people don't know is that organic farming also buries carbon back into the soil – which means that a growing demand for organically grown foods actually helps our environment,” explains Kristen.

The cafe prides itself on a friendly, open atmosphere where customers can relax in an intimate, indoor, alley-style seating area at the back of the grocer and refuel with a cashew milk latte.

The homemade kombucha, green smoothies and freshly pressed nut milks are a few of the signature go-to options. For lunch, the hearty pumpkin soup with sourdough is the perfect way to warm up and the quinoa salad with roasted vegetables is delivered to the table in a cute jam jar. For the more indulgent, the organic chocolate and blueberry brownies pack lots of flavour, minus the guilt.

Despite the sometimes higher price tags associated with organic products, Morrison assures those looking for a lifestyle change that healthy living is affordable. “We've worked hard to keep our quality high and our menu prices down because we're passionate about making organics more accessible than they usually are.”

Melbourne Street Organics
1430 High Street, Malvern
(03) 9972 8329

Mon to Fri 9.30am–6.30pm
Sat 9am–3pm