While you’re kicking back on this sunny public holiday, there are plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars soldiering on. Find out if your local is open, or use the day off as an excuse to cross town and try somewhere new.


Hardware Société
8am -2pm

Manchester Press
9am - 5pm

8am - 11:30pm

Phillippa’s, CBD
7am to 3pm

Henry and the Fox
8am to 9pm

Operator 25
9am – 4pm

Closed for lunch, rooftop bar open from 3pm, restaurant open from 5pm


Ray’s Cafe
7:30 am - 3:30 pm.

Tom Phat
8 am - 5 p.m

Everyday Coffee
7am to 5pm

Heartattack & Vine
8am - 11pm

Shoku Iku
11:30am - 4pm

Green Park Dining
7am – 11pm

7am -5pm

Two Little Pigs
7am to 4pm

Little Henri
8:30am - 4pm

Hammer and Tong 412
7am - 11pm

The Bell Jar
7am - 11pm

Mr Scruff's
11:30am – 1am


Fifty Acres
6:30am - 4pm

Le Petit Prince
8am - 4pm

Plenty of Windsor
7am – 1pm

Chapel Street Cellars
11am – 11pm

Monk Bodhi Dharma
8am - 5pm

Convent Bakery
7am -5pm

Gardiner and Field
8am - 12pm

Frank & Ginger
8am - 12pm

Little Big Sugar Salt
8am - 3pm

The Farm Cafe
9am - 4pm

Top Paddock
8am - 4pm

Miss Frank
8am – 3pm

Coin Laundry
7am - 4:30pm

8am - 2:30 pm

Three Bags Full
8am- 4:30pm


8am - 2:30pm

The Petty Officer
7am - 4pm

Sebastian’s Food and Wine
7am - 2pm

Olie & Ari
7am - 2pm

The Parlour Milkbar & Kitchen
7:30am - 5pm

The Kettle Black
8am- 3pm

Two Birds One Stone
8am - 2pm

Lona Pintxos Bar
12pm – 1am


Common Galaxia
7:30am - 4pm

Reverence Specialty Coffee & Tea
7:30am - 1pm

The Premises
8am - 2pm

Lolo & Wren
8am - 4pm

Duchess of Spotswood
8am – 2pm