Sarah Pinch loves spaghetti bolognese. She loves spaghetti bolognese so much so that she has spent the past 52 weeks scouring Melbourne restaurants in order to find the very best example of her favourite dish. And along the way she’s documented the search on her popular blog, Spaghetti Blogenese.

After a bolognese filled year, Pinch last night finally revealed her top three spag bols to a room full of friends and blog fans at an announcement party hosted by YGAP in St Kilda last night.

Taking out third place was Lygon Street’s Villa Romana, with a score of 18.5/20. Second place was a welcome surprise, with Greville Street’s Ladro, far better known for their pizzas, proving that they’re also a dab hand when it comes to pasta with their 19-point bolognese.

The winner, by half a point on 19.5, was Rococo. An Acland Street stalwart, Pinch describes Rococo’s bolognese as being “wonderfully complex with a rich meaty ragu-like texture”. She also describes the beef used in the sauce as “incredibly tender” – always a good sign. Tiny bowls of Rococo’s spag boll – whipped up in celebration of the occasion – certainly found favour with the party guests, filling the room with the sweet smell of tomatoes and herbs.

“It’s actually come as a bit of a relief,” says Pinch when asked whether the end of her quest has left her feeling bereft. “I mean, while you’re doing it you just go along each week to eat your bolognese, but when it’s all over you step back and realise, god, that’s a lot of pasta!”

While she may have survived with her love of spag bol intact, Pinch is more than ready for a new blogging project. Her new blog Hungry Chica will detail her adventures exploring the burgeoning Mexican food scene in Melbourne. “There’ll be tacos, burritos, quesadillas, even margaritas!” says Pinch exuberantly.

Expect Hungry Chica to go live some time towards the New Year, and in the meantime take a look for yourself at the dishes sampled by Spaghetti Blogenese and plan your own pasta quest.