The Old Barber Shop is a new cafe in Richmond serving good coffee with its own barber shop blend of roasted beans, a bacon and egg butty, milkshakes, smoothies, a serious croque madame and Italian piadini. The man behind the new cafe is Danny Klotz, who has owned Torch on Swan Street for 10 years, and brings with him barista Trent Heffer, a onetime pastry chef who has worked restaurant kitchens such as Momo and has now developed a new found passion for making coffee.

The Old Barber Shop cafe opened its door on the first day of spring, just in time for the scent of coffee to attract customers to its outside decking. “I always loved the area, but it just needed something like this – an easygoing, personable place with good cafe food,” says Klotz. The Old Barber Shop has a comfortable feeling; its set in a house that was once the Barbers of Seville and pays homage to its historical predecessor. “We put a lot of thought into everything – the cups, the sugar and the fittings,” Klotz adds.

At this stage, The Old Barber Shop is just open during the day (8am–5pm), but there is a plan to extend the hours slightly in order to cater for the early morning bike riders, workers and paper readers, and to eventually have a wine list to accompany charcuterie platters in the evenings. But at the moment, it’s the coffee machine that is the focus, flaunting the latest in espresso technology via one of only three Wegaconcept machines in Australia.

251 Church Street, Richmond
(03) 9421 6463

Daily 8am–5pm