Melbourne’s sandwich craze shows no signs of slowing down. While many venues use Natural Tucker ciabatta or house-made sourdough, at places like Zita’s Focaccias in South Yarra and the newly-opened Foc on Little Collins Street, it’s all about the focaccia sandwich.

Foc – short for “focaccia” – is the work of Brian Taing, who is also behind Sloppy Joe’s Deli on Queen Street in the CBD.

“The brands are very similar in a sense, the look and the feel,” Taing tells Broadsheet, adding that the main differentiator between the two is the sandwich style. “One is focaccia the other is focused on toasties.”

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The fun name is matched by a playful approach to menu design. The focaccias were co-designed by chef Adrian Li of Studio Amaro, and fillings are largely inspired by the Mediterranean.

“Focaccia [sandwiches] don’t just have to be Italian. I think there are lots of things that can taste great between two pieces of bread, which is why we like to experiment and be playful,” Taing says.

You’ll find nine focaccia sandwiches including the Truffle Chook, with chicken salad finished with pickled fennel, red onion and truffle salsa; the Kebab, made with a lamb sausage, mint, cucumber and yoghurt; and the Pepperoni, which is drizzled with Lao Gan Ma-infused hot honey.

Extras such as chopped chilli, truffled mayo, tomato salsa and rare beef can be added to any sandwich. There’s also a pastry case filled with apple fritters and house-made doughnuts. You can turn any sandwich into a combo with a sweet and a coffee or soft drink for an extra $7.50.

Foc has the same specialty drinks found at Sloppy Joe’s, including an iced coconut matcha and an orange-infused cold brew with yuzu cream and orange zest.

There’s limited seating inside at the counter and the industrial communal table by the window, but sandwiches are available to take away or can be enjoyed outside the shop on the wooden bench by the window.

423 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
No phone

Mon to Fri 8am–3pm