Over the past month or so we’ve seen a few new cafes open worth our coffee dollars. It seems that despite there being tonnes of good cafes in Melbourne, there are people out there who feel that they can continue to push the bar higher. Happily these guys know what they’re doing and are helping to improve Melbourne’s cafe quality and culture, rather than opening just another coffee shop.

Dead Man Espresso 35 Market Street, South Melbourne

Kylie Mackinilay (ex St Ali, Liar Liar) and husband Luke Mutton (ex St Ali, Dukes) have opened Dead Man Espresso on a quiet corner in South Melbourne (very, very close to St Ali!). This is a very good looking cafe, designed and built by Jeremy Reynolds of Momentum Builders.

They’ve put a good team together, including chef Laurent Hoffarth (ex Donovan’s) and are turning out some very tasty coffee. It’s a special Dead Man Espresso blend made for them by Seven Seeds.

We’re really looking forward to spending some sunny summer days hanging out on the shaded balcony drinking some Dead Man.

Outpost 9 Yarra Lane, South Yarra

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The team behind St Ali have opened small cafe down Yarra Lane off Toorak Road and called it Outpost. As you’d expect from these guys the focus is on the coffee and they do it well.

It’s a tiny space and at the moment there are only enough seats for about five people, but will soon expand outside with some tables and chairs. It’s also more than a little off the beaten track – the only reason you’d be here is if you came especially, work in the building above, or are in the market for a classic sports car and are checking out the selection at Dutton.

Outpost is worth a visit though, even if only to check out their fancy cold-drip coffee.

COT Campbell Arcade

This one is tiny. Not so much a cafe, as a literal hole in the wall. Courtney Joel and partner Verity (both ex Cafe Vue) have taken over this little space in Campbell Arcade, the subway connecting Flinders Street Station and Degraves Street.

They’ve got a two-group Synesso and some Five Senses coffee and that’s all they need. It’s pretty easy to miss, but it’s worth seeking out. They’re making some of the best coffee in the city.

Cot is a handy pit stop on the way into the city from Flinders Street Station.

The other one we’re hanging out for hasn’t actually opened yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it does. Nolan Hirte, part of the team behind Liar Liar, is opening his new shop in the next few weeks in Collingwood, behind Smith Street. He’s expecting delivery of his machine this week. We have every reason to believe this will be a great cafe.