Nestled amongst bagels and bad parking is Wall Two 80, an institution for locals and destination for visitors. Located off Carlisle Street, Balaclava the cafe looks to be little more than a ‘hole in the wall,’ but past the crowd of caffeine addicts sitting on the outside benches, is an unpretentious hideaway to enjoy great coffee.

Converted from a Kosher butcher 13 years ago, Wall Two 80’s aesthetic is simple and inviting. Open brick walls have been painted an olive green and maroon with wooden panelled walls surrounding a communal table.

Taken over a year and half ago, owners Greg Bremner, Nick Devereux and Adrian Spano saw an opportunity to extend on the intimate setting. Wanting to maintain the same minimalist feel, the extension is almost a mirror of the original. The same look flows through the cafe but allows for more customers without the congestion. A kitchen space is the most noticeable difference, and allows for additions to the menu.

The famous pidés remain but now there is also a choice between a salad, soup and baked and coddled eggs, making for even more appealing breakfast options. Adding to the individuality of Wall Two 80 are original, artistic touches. Graffiti art by Aaron McKenzie decorates the outside wall and continues around the new space, and is replicated inside the cafe. Installations made from recycled materials by Joost take centre stage at the communal tables.

Loyal customers still nestle themselves in their favourite corner of the original space and sweetly shambolic wait staff still take orders on yellow post it notes. The spirit and great coffee of Wall Two 80 continues.