Man used dance as a form of communication even before he learned to talk. Centuries later, he began dancing for spiritual reasons and for entertainment. Modern times have seen the act of dance transformed into something undertaken either in an intoxicated state of being, or as an activity learned in a class. Having noticed that dance has been losing its vital role as a pure personal expression, unruly dance students Alice Glenn and Heidi Barrett took action and came up with the concept No Lights No Lycra in 2009.

"No Lights No Lycra is a friendly, non-threatening, alcohol and drug free event, where you can shake out the stress of the week, experience new tunes, lose yourself in the music while working up a sweat,” say Glenn and Barrett. “With the lights out, people are truly free to move and a real sense of unity and communion is achieved. This is a daggy, non-pretentious place to completely be yourself.”

The first unofficial No Lights No Lycra took place in their living room, with only a few friends who just wanted to dance without being self-conscious about their looks or their moves. Dimming the lights out completely and lifting the mood with great music sparked a free-flowing, almost cosmic dancing experience. Suffice to say, the word spread and it wasn’t long before they had to move to a public venue to host a snowballing crowd.

The dance studio in Fitzroy has seen the emergence of a solid and eclectic dance community, which mingles free stylers, dance students and dance evangelists alike. Put simply, it’s a place for anyone who wants to boogie to the beat of their own drum, completely let go and dance for the sake of dancing.

This Melbourne-based dancing escapade has since leapt to several other cities around the world. There are now No Lights No Lycra sessions taking place in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, London, Glasgow and soon to be in Barcelona.

So take a break from the booze-fuelled boogie you’ve been chasing on the weekends and head to No Light No Lycra for a very invigorating dance experience, in the dark.

Not Lights No Lycra is on every Tuesday and Wednesday night at the locations below. Entry is $5.

Tue 7.15pm–8.30pm, at Level 1, 250 George Street, Fitzroy
Wed 7pm–8.30 pm at 49 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East (Enter via Barkly Street)