Nine times out of ten, food you can squish in one hand – while sauce dribbles down your wrist – is just the most fun.

Here are five good new places to eat hand-to-mouth right now.

Skipping Girl Take Away
The guys behind new takeaway joint Skipping Girl didn’t spend too much time on the decor – and it shows. But they spent plenty of time getting the burgers right. The buns (each branded with the Skipping Girl logo) are pillowy, honest-to-god brioche from Phillippa’s that won’t fall apart. There’s a range of patties available (including classic Wagyu, chicken, fish and veggie) as well as a pulled-pork burger. Roll up sleeves for the ones with extra cheese.

70 William Street, Abbotsford

After ordering at this new Liverpool Street pizza restaurant, you’ve barely taken a sip of your Negroni before a hot, crisp pie lands on your table. That’s because a 60-second blast is all the dough needs in SPQR’s formidable 420-degree oven.

The pizza is seriously good and has a super-thin base; so don’t be shy folding it up to shovel in effectively.

26 Liverpool Street, Melbourne

Hotel Jesus
We’ve been waiting years for Mamasita’s encore, and its colourful and casual follow-up, Hotel Jesus, doesn’t disappoint. It’s everything you want in a taqueria – noisy, plenty of neon, and a healthy flow of mezcal. The tostadas (toasted tortillas with toppings) are a specialty here, although it takes some practice to bite them neatly without each one collapsing in a heap on the table.

174 Smith Street, Collingwood

Aphro & Wolfe
If you can’t tell from the big, mustard-coloured sign out front, this place is unashamedly about the toasties. These aren’t your measly snack jaffles – the toasties here are big. There’s a Latina with slow-cooked pork; a take on the spanakopita in sandwich form; and a Reuben to try. Matched dipping sauce provided, of course.

566 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North

Top of the Hill
The newest cafe on High Street, Northcote, is well set up for a grab-and-go visit, although there’s bench seating along the lush, jungle mural if you’d like to catch some serenity for a while. There’s a handful of great sandwiches on offer, including the cafe’s signature: a “Georgia Reuben” with house-brined pastrami, slaw, pickles and “10 billion sauce” – the chef’s take on Thousand Island Dressing.

208 High Street, Northcote