In 2021, siblings Katianna and Yianna Velos launched a delivery service for bottles of hand-pressed olive oil made on their family farm in Mani, Greece. “Its freshness and organic nature are unparalleled in my opinion,” Yianna told Broadsheet earlier this year.

Now, in addition to selling small-batch olive oil in Australia, the sisters have teamed up with wholesale caviar brand Sea Cave to sell their own tins of premium-grade roe.

Each 50-gram tin is $190, and it includes sturgeon roe known as river beluga caviar. The rich, buttery pearls have dark gold and deep green hues, and the caviar pairs well with blinis and creme fraiche, on toast or over a packet of thin salted chips.

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“Our brand is built on the art of living, and sharing food and stories with friends and family,” said Katianna in a statement. “Our intention was to create a colourful tin of caviar … that looks as good as it tastes … [It] lends itself perfectly to any meal, whether it’s caviar on toast for breakfast, caviar on top of a bagel, or a more sophisticated traditional blini with sour cream…

“We are by no means caviar purists. We love challenging the luxuriousness associated with caviar by pairing it with simpler foods. That includes dolloping a generous spoonful of caviar on top of McDonald’s fries and hash browns.”

The limited edition tin has a sunshine design on its label, created for Golden Groves by artist Gemma Leslie. The price includes delivery, which is currently to metro Melbourne addresses only. Unopened, each tin of caviar lasts between four to six weeks, and once opened you should refrigerate it at -2°C and consume within five days.