Just in time for the beginning of the semester, the coffee chiefs of the University of Melbourne have opened a sleek third location in the groundbreaking Melbourne School of Design.

Since Standing Room opened in 2013, the popular university haunt has opened a venue off campus, in the CBD’s Royal Arcade, to cater to the loyal fan base that was missing out on its SR-fix after graduating. This time, Standing Room 3.0 is back where it all began, only 200 metres away from its first site.

The focus is still on producing great coffee with Five Senses’ Dark Horse blend. More space means that Standing Room can experiment further with filter coffee and batch brews.

Small, easy-to-eat breakfast options, such as sourdough toast, fruit toast, bagels, muesli and granola, as well as the much-loved Butterbing cookies and a selection of pastries are available to grab-and-go.

The new cafe will remain true to its roots (and name) as a standing-only venue. “I refuse to put seats in anything I open called Standing Room,” owner Thomas Kelly says. There will, however, be some outdoor seating available.

Standing Room – Melbourne School of Design
Room G01, Building 133
Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne

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