With barely room to swing a cat, this tiny cafe is the latest in the new line-up hitting East Brunswick (think Pope Joan and Milkwood). It’s a nod to the music industry background of the team that this mostly recycled diminutive space is named after the 1985 Hüsker Dü album, but it’s more laid-back lounge-room than angst-ridden punk.

Co-owners Nadia Mizner and Tom McGuigan turn out Five Senses coffees under the green tile splashback, and with no counter to speak of, they’re pretty much in amongst the casual groups grabbing a toast feast or house granola from the compact but satisfying vego-heavy menu and poring over the papers.

It’s only been open for three weeks, so get in before others start to discover its cosy, homemade charm. It just goes to show; with a bit of enthusiasm and the right kind of attitude, you don’t need much else to make a little space the coffee haunt of choice.

New Day Rising
221d Blyth Street, East Brunswick

Mon-Fri 7.30am-5pm
Sat-Sun 8am-5pm