When we talk about avocado seasons – those of us who do – we generally only talk about two: Hass season, which runs from May to January, and the divisive Shepard season, which signals the end of summer.

But with avocado orchards spread around Australia, ready-to-eat avos are generally available year-round. They’re just not always on offer at your local supermarket.

Now you can skip the supermarket entirely, because a new subscription service called the Avo Club will deliver trays of alligator pears to your door every month, ready for salads or for smashing. (For those less certain about their ongoing avocado needs, one-off orders are available too.)

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Started by three cousins in a shed in southern New South Wales, the Avo Club brings avocados from Aussie producers to Melburnians. There’s a money-back guarantee, too, which means no more squished, bruised or brown avos.

Each trays holds six, 12 or 10 kilograms worth – around 30 to 40. In addition to Hass and Shepard varieties, you can expect Mexican (a smooth-skinned avo with a nutty flavour), Fuerte (a dark green, slim-necked variety) and Sir Prize (a dark, almost black avo).

Monthly subscriptions cost $48 for 12-packs, and $65 for 10-kilogram packs. One-off orders are $35 for 6-packs and $54 for 12-packs.