All aboard the txoo txoo train to pintxo town! If you’re confused and unable to decipher this statement then you may not have spent time in Spain’s Basque country. But for those of you who aren’t confused by this quirk of the Basque language, be excited to learn that the classic bars of Barcelona and San Sebastian, with their bite size rations garlanded on the bar, are making an appearance at the new Brunswick Street venue Naked for Satan.

Just opened in Fitzroy, the venue is the work of a host of industry pros including the former owners of Lucky Coq and Bimbo Deluxe. The aesthetic of these venues is evident in this new one, but it’s a more refined offering with a substantial investment behind it. For those still struggling with the first line of the story, the quirky Basque spell their ‘ch’ with a ‘tx’ and Naked for Satan have no qualms in reverting to this traditional spelling despite the fear of having to explain themselves to 90% of the customers.

Brunswick Street has been short of well constructed and unique venues of late and this opening is set to re-invigorate interest in the strip alongside the recently opened Kodiak Club and the newly refurbished Town Hall Hotel.

The bar has been dubbed as a pintxo and vodka venue. Considering that these two are in no way linked, it begs the question as to why the pairing came about. First inspection of the venue reveals a restored column still as the centrepiece around which the venue was constructed. Old distillation equipment was uncovered during the renovation and lovingly restored, making an incredible impression upon the small space. So, they can be forgiven for offering what appears to be an odd pairing of concepts.

So head down to check out the venue, grab a plate of pintxos and hold on to your toothpicks to tally your bill. As for the name, you’ll have to ask the staff for more information on the myth of the Russian mobster reported to use the stills to make vodka in the nude.

Naked For Satan
285 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
(03) 9416 2238

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