Tucked behind Burke Road and sharing a car park with local Sunday institution the Camberwell Market, My Other Brother is a cafe we think you should get to know.

My Other Brother is the eastern suburbs sibling of Fitzroy-based Annoying Brother, and boy does owner Julien Moussi like to keep things in the family. Coffee is made with Moussi’s latest treasure, a Synesso Hydro, using his very own Moody Sister house blend (Moussi grew up with four sisters), while Moussi’s mum makes the labneh.

Keen to bring great coffee to Camberwell – and on a large scale – Moussi says that while there are smaller places in the area producing outstanding coffee, there aren’t many that offer a setting for 100 people or more.

Moussi grew up in the suburb and always wanted to find the perfect site for a café in the family-oriented area. It’s written all over My Other Brother’s fresh and inviting interior. Indeed, it’s a white, bright space with pine details, a large blue-tiled table that encourages communal dining and offers a setting for larger groups and families.

Chef Nikki Campbell – a Sydney import – has devised a menu filled with perennial, albeit modern favourites such as the ‘McBrother’ (honey-glazed ham, Emmental cheese and scrambled egg on an English muffin) and berry-filled pancakes with lime curd and vanilla bean mascarpone.

Other influences come from Moussi’s Lebanese background, which inspires dishes like the shakshuka with labneh and za’atar flat bread and Wagyu meatballs with mint yoghurt.

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This other brother sure isn’t annoying, and it’s one we think we just might like to hang out with a bit more often.

My Other Brother
586 Burke Road, Camberwell
(03) 9804 0155

Mon to Wed 7.30am–5pm
Thurs to Sat 7.30am–8pm
Sun 6am–5pm