Today we’re launching an exciting new addition to the Broadsheet offering with MyBroadsheet, presented by Mercedes-Benz. In every sense, this is a major addition to the Broadsheet platform and I’m thrilled to share it with you.

We’re particularly proud to partner with Mercedes-Benz on this launch. We’ve been working together on MyBroadsheet over the past few months, so it’s very exciting to be officially announcing the launch of this partnership with them and to deliver you with MyBroadsheet presented by Mercedes-Benz.

With MyBroadsheet you’ll now be able to make Broadsheet your own and share it with your friends. Sign in and build your own profile by selecting your favourite venues, the places you want to try and the articles you might want to read later.

We designed MyBroadsheet after we kept hearing that you’d read about a new restaurant during the week, only to forget the name of it when it got to Friday night and you wanted to try it. Readers have resorted to emailing themselves links.

Now with MyBroadsheet, you can add these venues to your personalised Must Try list with the click of a button. And when Friday night comes and you’re looking to try something new, check back to your list.

Best of all, it’s entirely social. The city is better with friends, so we’ve created these lists so you can share them quickly and easily, and check your friend’s lists too.

Say it’s Friday afternoon, you’re at your desk, emailing friends trying to decide where to get some dinner. Everyone’s excited, but nobody can agree on where to go, everyone is just suggesting the same old faithfuls. Now, with MyBroadsheet, you can send them either your Must Try list and you can all try something new, or, you can simply send them your list of Favourites and say, “Pick something from this list, I love them all.”

When you register using Facebook, you’ll be able to see what your friends are up to through the social steam to the right of your browser. You’ll see what they’re reading, which venues they’re adding to their favourites and what they’re looking forward to trying.

It’s a pleasure to work with Mercedes-Benz who share our vision so closely. Together, we’ll be soon launching a series of one-off events around Melbourne and Sydney. These events will be exclusive for MyBroadsheet users, so stay logged in, they’re going to be special.

But for now, sign in and give MyBroadsheet a go. We’re keen to hear what you think too, so shoot us an email at

Register here.