With the return of stage-four restrictions across Victoria – including limits on how far you can travel from your home – the classic, “What’s for dinner?”, is more like, “What’s within five kilometres?”

Online ordering platform Mr Yum has a nifty takeaway directory that tells you which restaurants, bars and cafes are within five kilometres of your home.

“We’re in Collingwood and I looked at the map – with a straight line, South Yarra is just five kilometres away,” Mr Yum CEO Kim Teo tells Broadsheet. “I think there are actually more options than people realise. It’s not just your suburb or the one next door.”

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All you need to do is plug in your address to find venues within the lockdown radius. And while some are already listed on Mr Yum, the startup is also inviting venues who aren’t Mr Yum partners to list themselves on the hub for free, even if they’re with the competition. “We just want to try and get as many venues the help that they need,” Teo says. “The more restaurants on there, the better the experience is for the customer as well.”

Once you’ve decided on your meal, clicking on a venue takes you to its Mr Yum ordering page (if it’s on the platform), or another delivery platform of the venue’s choice if it’s not (even if that’s a rival such as Uber Eats).

Another new feature allows you to pre-book a delivery slot just as you would a table at a restaurant, making it easier for venues to handle peak hour by capping the number of orders they receive at chosen times.

Unlike its competitors, Mr Yum doesn’t have delivery drivers. Instead it allows venues to choose whether to deliver themselves, recruit third-party drivers, or do pick-up only. “Of course we’re hoping the community does it in a safe way. But now you can jump in your car and drive five kilometres to grab a meal from a restaurant you support, because you have the tool to know [that distance] for sure,” Teo says.