After 15 months of selling doughnuts, pies and sourdough faster than they can bake them, MoVida Bakery will be temporarily closing up shop, only to reopen as Tivoli Road Bakery at the end of next week with head baker, Michael James and his wife Pippa, at the helm.

It’s only fitting that James adopt the bakery as his own, having been head baker with the MoVida group since the birth of Movida Aqui in 2009, and has played a major role in the successful development of MoVida Bakery since April 2012. The sale of the bakery to the couple is a decision that Frank Camorra, owner and executive chef with the MoVida group, knew was ideal.

“I have been immensely proud of the initiative that Michael has shown,” Camorra says. “This is a great opportunity for him and also for us to focus on our core business of running restaurants.”

James is enthusiastic about the future direction of Tivoli Road Bakery, and is eager to further develop his working relationships with local farmers and suppliers to get their produce on his shelves. Customers can expect to see Myrtleford Butter and Mount Zero olives available for sale, as well as Small Batch Coffee in the grinders. James also says he has no plans to refurbish the shop – they want to keep the bakery open and running without any dramatic change.

Regular customers need not worry for the future of their favourite baked goods - James assures us that the original products - and more - are here to stay.

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