In 2011, Japan’s second-biggest burger chain brought its take on classic American diner food to Australia for a trial run. Founded in 1972, MOS Burger (the name stands for mountain, ocean and sun) now has six stores in Queensland. The next phase of the plan is to open stores in Melbourne and Sydney.

The menu has been adjusted slightly for local tastes, and anyone who has been to the original can expect serves to be a little bigger than they are in Japan.

The first store is still a while a way – Australian project manager Vincent Cheng says ideally it will open some time in the next few years – but when it does Melburnians can try the Gourmet Wagyuworks Cheeseburger with Wagyu patty, onions, tomato, cheddar cheese, mayo, ketchup, teriyaki sauce and wasabi. And there’ll be a Japanese-style veggie croquette burger with mayo and barbeque sauce. For low-carb alternatives there are lettuce wraps and the Tomami, a burger with tomato slices in place of bread.

A range of grilled rice buns is inspired by yaki onigiri (Japanese grilled rice balls). They’re stuffed with seafood tempura or smoked salmon and avocado. The usual burger-friendly sides (chips, wedges, nuggets) are joined by calamari rings, veggie croquettes and – a little unconventionally for a burger spot – sweetcorn soup.