After meeting at the European Night Market in Madame Brussels Lane in August, local producers Mörk Chocolate and Rooftop Honey decided to experiment: “We combined both products on the fly and it was delicious, so we played around with a few different blends and ratios until one stuck,” says Mörk’s Kiril Shaginov. The result is a limited-edition collaboration: a neat tube of Mörk’s 70% Venezuelan cacao powder paired with an 80-gram jar of Alphington honey for mixing. As bees across Melbourne start producing honey this spring, the featured suburb will change, resulting in subtle flavour variations. The current batch is especially smooth with hints of butterscotch lingering beneath floral notes.

The idea here is to use the two Melbourne-made products to make your own concoction. The team suggests serving a mix of the dark chocolate powder and honey with milk over ice, with a sprinkling of nutmeg on top. We’re sure a splash of Kahlúa wouldn’t hurt either.

Melbourne Honeyed Dark Chocolate will launch tonight, Friday October 17, at The Finder's Keepers Market (samples available between noon and 1pm on Saturday October 18). Buy it online at Mörk Chocolate, Rooftop Honey, or from Monday October 20 at Melbournalia and Clementine’s in Melbourne CBD (RRP $25).