Melbourne chocolate fans, you now have a new place to indulge your sweet cravings: at a store that produces its own rich liquid chocolate and turns it into a variety of hot and cold beverages.

You may recognise Mörk Chocolate’s cardboard canisters from the shelves of numerous cafes across Melbourne, including St ALi, Seven Seeds, Proud Mary, Common Ground, Clement Coffee and Kinfolk (to name a few).

Now the Melbourne company is setting up its own store dedicated to the art of liquid chocolate.

A 1950s bakery warehouse in North Melbourne has been converted into an 18-seat concept store with a chocolate brew bar in the centre. Make no mistake, it’s not a cafe. There are no food or coffee options. Instead, customers choose from a range of hot and cold drinks made from chocolate produced in house.

It will be doing its own versions of hot and iced chocolates as well as new drinks including a refreshing water-based chocolate soda and a smoked hot chocolate.

Mörk Chocolate is different from other suppliers because its focus is on the quality of the chocolate, not on amping-up the sugar. It only uses pure, single-origin, unsweetened dark chocolate.

While the brew bar will be the main attraction for customers, co-owner Josefin Zernell says she is most excited about the workshop out the back. This is where the cacao beans from Madagascar and Brazil will be roasted and the chocolate will be crafted and refined.

“We want to develop methods of brewing that no one is really doing at the moment,” she says.

“There’s a big focus on coffee in Melbourne but not on chocolate drinks – they’ve been neglected. So for people who don’t drink coffee, we’re offering an adult-style drink without the sugar and presenting chocolate in a different way.”

The Mörk shop and Chocolate Brew Bar is set to launch in late February. Stay tuned for more details.