The much-loved and longstanding Paterson’s Cakes shops in Prahran, Camberwell and Bentleigh closed their doors on June 30 last year after 94 years of operation. The shops were owned and managed, for the most part, by the Schneider family, and the day after their closure Josephine Schneider decided to give a helping hand to the customers who were asking where they were going to find puff and short pastry of the quality that Paterson’s had always provided. “I’m a hugely sentimental person,” tells Schneider, “and was mildly devastated at the idea of the shops closing. A lot of customers were asking, where do we get our pastry from now?”

Following her dream to start her own business, Schneider set up Pastry by Paterson’s and is selling handmade sweet and savoury shortcrust pastry as well as puff pastry. Each product is made with full-cream butter (no margarine) and sold in blocks that need to be cut and rolled, a method that also maintains the pastry’s quality. “This is a niche product as it costs more to produce it,” explains Schneider.”

While she sells her pastry to restaurants around town such as The European, Cafe Di Stasio and Cafe e Cucina, she has also started selling to retail outlets such as Sissi & Co and Windsor Deli. Schneider is ensuring the Paterson’s story lives on, and if the pastry is anything to go by, it’s in safe hands.

Pastry by Paterson’s comes in 250g blocks for $5 and 500g blocks for $10.
(03) 9532 3390

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