Remember counting down the days until the Royal Melbourne Show, studying the showbag listings in the newspaper with furious concentration, until you could get to the showgrounds and blow your pocketmoney on sideshow alley, arms laden with showbags, buzzing on a fairyfloss-induced high? Sure, that’s still fun, but the Show is for kids and bored parents, right?

Well, thanks to the Tastes of Victoria Pavilion (not as daggy as it sounds), there are some new food additions (sans creepy carnies) to the Show this year that might reignite your passion for the showgrounds – with a couple of showbags thrown in for good measure.

Surprise Restaurants

The Pavilion got serious this year. Albert St Food & Wine, Fonda, Burch & Purchese and Union Dining are each setting up pop-up restaurants throughout the Show, cooking up a casual lunch or dinner for hungry wanderers.

· Albert St Food & Wine: September 21–23

· Fonda Mexican: September 24–26

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· Burch & Purchese Sweet Studio: September 27–29

· Union Dining: September 30–October 2

Low ‘n’ Slow Texas BBQ

Showcasing 12 award-winning local craft beer and ciders, with three on tap (on rotation), sip the likes of Mountain Goat, 2 Brothers, Holgate and Napoleon Cider as Paul from Silver Creek Smokers fires up the ‘Jack the Ribber’ serving low and slow Texas BBQ prepared onsite, which includes 16-hour smoked brisket, dino ribs and pork sliders, served with apple or chipotle slaw.

If You Can’t Cook, Learn (and if you can’t learn, eat)

As much as we love Golden Fields and The European, we probably can’t realistically eat there every single night. So we might as well steal their recipes and learn to make them at home. At the Show, you’ll be able to get in on a huge program of masterclasses and demos where you can watch some of the best chefs in Melbourne do what they do best – shut up and cook. Check out some of the highlights here:

· Saturday, September 21, 3.30pm, Philippa Sibley, Albert St Food and Wine

· Sunday, September 22, 1.30pm, Ian Curley, The European

· Tuesday, September 24, 12.30pm Andrew McConnell, Golden Fields

· Wednesday, September 25, 3.30pm Ravi Presser, Fonda Mexican

· Thursday, September 26, 3.30pm Matt McConnell, Bar Lourinha

· Friday, September 27, 1.30pm, Darren Purchese, Burch & Purchese

· Sunday, September 29, 12.30pm, Chris Badenoch, Josie Bones

· Monday, September 30, 3.30pm, Matt Wilkinson, Pope Joan

· Wednesday, October 2, 1.30pm, Nicky Reimer, Union Dining

The Royal Melbourne Show runs from September 21st to October 2nd, at the Melbourne showgrounds.