“We think it’s fun, so we reckon other people might as well,” says Josh Uljans, co-owner of Moon Dog. The Abbotsford brewery has just released Coughlin’s Diet, a double pack of beers specifically made for blending together.

The first is a strong dark ale aged on bourbon-soaked oak chips, with a touch of orange zest to finish. Its companion is an English-style IPA backed by herbal hoppy notes and the tartness of cherries.

Open the box, pour them into a glass together, and you have some approximation of an Old Fashioned cocktail. If you enjoyed the Everleigh's interpretation of the beer cocktail, you’ll enjoy this.

The pack is named in honour of Doug Coughlin from the movie Cocktail, but informally, the guys at Moon Dog have been calling the two-pack a Shakur. Get it?

The obvious question is: why wouldn’t Moon Dog just combine the beers at the brewery and sell it in the one bottle? “I guess it allows us to create three beers in one,” Uljans says.

He reckons both beers work just fine on their own, “but people can also tinker about and find a combination or a balance between the two beers which they really like.”

Moon Dog’s Shakur is available at specialty bottle shops now. More beers are planned for the series.