For those of us who want to start the week off right, slaving away in the kitchen doesn’t always seem like the most appealing way to begin. Sometimes, after a long day at work, the last thing you feel like doing is cooking and going out for dinner seems like the perfect resolve.

Monday, however, happens to be the unofficial ‘chef’s day off’ and many restaurants and eateries around the city are closed.

We often find ourselves at a loss at the start of the week and we know we’re not alone, so we thought we’d put together a list of a few of our favourite restaurants that light up their ‘Open’ signs to tame hungry Monday night diners, whatever their hankering.

Fitzroy and Prahran
Some of our favourite pizza (among other Italian dishes) in town. $25 dollars for pizza and a glass of wine on Mondays.

Gills Diner
Decadent, hearty Eurocentric food in a casual yet sophisticated dining room.

Trunk Diner
Casual dining in an enclosed in marquee-like arrangement. Serves simple comfort food with an American twang like wagyu burgers and chips.

Eat like a pauper or king at Anada. Choose from tapas or a banquet from this southern Spanish restaurant.

Izakaya Den
An unmarked city basement serving a mix of sophisticated Japanese dishes and drinks.

MoVida Aqui
A world away from the back alleys of the original MoVida, but the menu here is another chance to taste raciones and tapas from master Spanish chef Frank Camorra.

DOC Pizza and Mozzarella Bar
This is where you come if you want pizza like the Italians eat – simple combinations that don’t overload the crust. There’s also a mozzarella bar.

Serving up a diverse range of Asian-inspired share plates and French classics.

Bar Idda
East Brunswick
Home-style Sicilian food in a comfortable, cosy neighbourhood restaurant.

Lau's Family Kitchen
4 Acland Street, St Kilda
Classic, casual, authentic Cantonese cooking from the family who brought us the Flower Drum.