In yet another big innovation for the little tuckshop lady, Nahji Chu (of Misschu in Melbourne and a number of locations in Sydney) has added another string to her bow with the launch of Gidget Chu wines.

“Why did I bring out a Misschu wine?” quips Nahji Chu. “To debunk the theory that Asians make bad coffee and wine. We make a mean coffee!”

And now Gidget Chu is set to prove that the wine ain’t bad either.

The Gidget Chu range is designed to complement Asian food and includes Savagnin, Petit Mansang, Chardonnay (a savoury white with subtle fruits and an aroma of apple Danish and pears) and a Tempranillo and Tannat (full of rich fruit with dark juicy berries and a fragrant nose of spices, violets and dark plums). Mixed by William Downie and bottled by Save Our Souls in Victoria, these are bottles full of promise.

Having just opened a new store in the Sydney CBD this week, you’d hardly think she’d have time to be working on wine blends, but there’s no sign of Misschu slowing down anytime soon.

Gidget Chu wines are available in Misschu tuckshops, $40 per bottle.