Vietnamese cuisine is perfect summer food. Light and fresh, full of herbs and big, chilli-doused flavours, when we were creating a new kind of summer barbeque for new summer festival Royal Croquet Club, dropping Misschu into the mix made perfect sense.

The popular Vietnamese tuckshop – known for its rice paper rolls and noodle dishes – doesn’t usually cook on the barbeque. “Our cooking is very wok orientated,” says Misschu's Melbourne chef, Will Lo. So for Broadsheet’s Summer Barbeque, Lo has created a brand new series of dishes that are a true Misschu take on the Aussie barbeque.

At the Royal Croquet Club, which runs at Birrarung Marr from January 16, Misschu will serve barbequed beef wrapped in betel leaf and grilled sugarcane prawn. “Both are traditional Vietnamese dishes, char-grilled dishes,” Lo explains. Not available from its regular tuckshop menu, but perfect for special events, they’ll be served with lots of herbs and a sweet plum dipping sauce.

It has also created a completely new dish for the event, coconut poached chicken with a papaya salad. “Knowing some of the other vendors Meatmother, DOC and Mr Claws we wanted to created a dish that was very light and summery,” says Lo.

There will also be a crispy Hanoi vegetarian spring roll, a favourite from the tuckshops both in Melbourne and Sydney. “Everybody loves a spring roll and Vietnamese food and spring rolls basically go hand-in-hand, so it’ll be a winner.”Lo says his idea of an Aussie summer barbeque includes char-grilled, barbeque flavours, salads, sun, drinking, eating and a lively atmosphere. We’re sure he’s going to fit right in at the Broadsheet Summer Barbeque when the Royal Croquet Club opens on January 16.

The Broadsheet Summer Barbeque at the Royal Croquet Club will run from January 16 to February 1.