Representing an entire city of world-leading chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders and baristas is no easy feat … unless you ask them to help make it happen.

The Broadsheet Restaurant menu has been curated by asking our collaborators what you, their customers, like best. Together, we came up with a list of favourite dishes and drinks, selected from some of our favourite venues.

From breakfast through to dinner and dessert, dishes such as Top Paddock’s epic double baked French toast for breakfast, one of the best chicken salads you’ve ever eaten by Grain Store, and Five Points Deli’s juicy Reuben sandwich made with its house corned brisket will feature. For dinner there’s Coda's famous duck curry and pork with boudin noir by Estelle Bistro, or sit up at the bar with a beer and some bar food by Añada, mac and cheese by Huxtable or a steak sandwich in a black sesame bun. For something sweet, desserts have created especially for The Broadsheet Restaurant by Pierre Roelofs, Philippa Sibley and Monsieur Truffe.

Alongside these dishes, and more from the list of venues below, our menu also includes cocktails by The Everleigh, a wine list by Sally Humble and a handful of local beers.

All these venues, all in one place – this is the very best of Melbourne.

Read the full menu here.

Auction Rooms
Estelle Bistro
Five Points Deli
Grain Store
Monsieur Truffe
Philippa Sibley
Pierre Roelofs
Sally Humble
Small Batch
The Everleigh
The Kettle Black
The Town Mouse
Tivoli Road Bakery
Top Paddock

The Broadsheet Restaurant is open from June 5 to August 2, 2015. We’ll see you there.

The Broadsheet Restaurant
Mon & Tue 7am–4pm
Wed to Sun 7am–1am