Last week we reported an Anchorman-themed bar would pop up over two weeks in Carlton.

Unfortunately the event has been shut down before it even started. Paramount Pictures, the film studio behind the 2004 film, contacted event organisers late last week regarding breach of copyright.

Chris Amon of Bottoms Up Bartenders says Paramount wanted to charge “a hefty fee” for the rights to use the Anchorman branding, which made the event “unfeasible”.

That escalated quickly. We mean, that really got out of hand fast..

Amon says a pop-up bar will still go ahead at the Porcelain Tea Parlour in Carlton, but without any Ron Burgundy-specific references. There’ll still be a scent machine pumping out a smell one could describe as a “rich mahogany” – but probably wouldn’t for legal reasons.

Details are still being finalised, but the pop-up bar will take place at Porcelain Tea Parlour, 149 Elgin Street, Carlton from October 13 to 15, and October 20 to 22, from 6pm to late. More information here.