Melbourne has a number of bars based by Yarra, but Andrew Mackinnon and Grant Smillie’s river bar is different. Very different.

Supafish is a 40-metre-long fish-shaped vessel, which lights up in neon pink come dusk.

Mackinnon, his brother James and Smillie (who also own Yarra River bar Ponyfish Island) are behind the new bar. They enlisted the Laneway Group to build the structure’s exoskeleton.

“It’s built out of galvanised steel and took a full group of people six weeks around the clock to build,” Mackinnon says.

The design revolves around the concept of futuristic hospitality, influenced by “Neo Tokyo, Blade Runner style” Mackinnon says. The bar is cashless, as an example, with a card-only payment system.

“We believe we'll be in a cashless society in the not-too-distant future,” Mackinnon posits. “We’ve also collaborated with a number of brands and teams in order to pull together something truly as Melbourne as possible.”

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Smilie has curated the music list, and Nick Peters and Matt Lane from Mamasita and Hotel Jesus have put together a concise menu of Mexican plates, including house-made chorizo, chargrilled chicken with queso, and quesadillas.

There’s Pimm's on tap, plus Margaritas and Espresso Martinis, so you can drink like a fish.

Supafish is open daily from 11am to 1am. Entry is between Ponyfish Island and Sandridge Bridge on Southbank Boulevard. It will run through February 2018.