Back in July, Sydney creative agency Buffet published a list of 12 iconic Sydney dishes as the 12 star signs of the zodiac in a concept it called “snackstrology”. Now it’s Melbourne’s turn.

Released on Instagram – and conceived by Buffet’s graphic designer, Nathalie Rolando – the meme cheekily assigns the chicken schnitty sandwich at Hector’s Deli to the hard-working horned goat of Capricorn. Representing the fancy but fiery ram of Aries is the elevated duck waffle from Andrew McConnell’s Cumulus Up. And the decadent chocolate soufflé at Grossi Florentinoa dish we can’t live without – stands in for the spirited and vivacious Leo.

Asked how accurate the concept is, Sophie McComas, the director and co-founder of the Surry Hills-based agency (and past Broadsheet Sydney editor) says, “Oh, extremely,” her tongue planted firmly in cheek. “Everyone knows astrology readings are 100 per cent accurate and must be taken as gospel at all times.”

That said, Buffet works with food and drink brands to execute content, campaigns and social media strategies, so the team has an in-depth knowledge of many Melbourne dishes, and there’s a lot of consideration and wit behind the pairings.

Cancer, for example – a deeply complex sign sometimes hidden under a soft exterior – was paired with Supernormal’s iconic lobster roll: a mix of lobster, mayo and shallots nestled in a pillowy, sugary bun.

French Saloon’s off-menu caviar fairy bread – precisely quartered, crusts removed – represents Virgos (known to be efficient and complex perfectionists), while Dainty Sichuan South Yarra’s surprising fish-flavoured eggplant – which doesn’t taste the way it looks – represents the dualities of Geminis.

Brunch spot Top Paddock’s fluffy and sweet ricotta hotcake is assigned to Sagittarius, which is represented by the centaur, the mythical creature of Greek mythology. And the harmonious balance of melted cheese with off-the-bone ham at Maker & Monger is a natural fit for Libra, which is epitomised by a strong sense of fairness.

Additional reporting by Chynna Santos.