Bon Fromage, a new festival dedicated to cheese, has been forced to cancel its second and final weekend.

The festival debuted in Carlton’s Faraday Lane last weekend and drew big crowds. Crowds so big the City of Melbourne reclassified the festival as a major event.

“The turnout exceeded our expectations,” says spokesperson for Bon Fromage, Pete Dillon. While Dillon says the exact number of attendees is unknown, he says the turnout exceeded the number of people allowed onsite with Bon Fromage’s original permit.

The reclassification has forced the coordinators to postpone the second weekend’s program, which was scheduled for Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November.

Bon Fromage is already searching for a larger space to host the festival in early 2017.

Last weekend saw cooking demonstrations from 400 Gradi’s Johnny Di Francesco and Maker and Monger’s Anthony Femia and cheese-orientated dishes by local purveyors including Shifty Chevre, Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder and Maker and Monger.

Check Bon Fromage’s Facebook page for updates.

This article was updated on November 18, 2016.