Updated Monday October 10, 2016: Due to copyright issues, this event is no longer affiliated with Anchorman.

For two classy weeks Carlton’s Porcelain Tea Parlour will smell like leather-bound books and mahogany. In true Ron Burgundy style, waiters will wear obnoxiously colourful ’70s-style suits like those worn in Anchorman.

With flavours of aniseed, white chocolate and mint, the Sex Panther cocktail is an absinthe frappe with mint, soda and a white-chocolate twist. For an extra $10 it comes with an actual Sex Panther perfume created by Samantha Taylor of The Powder Room especially for the occasion. Chris Amon from Bottoms Up Bartenders, which is behind the event, says it will be “quite a manly scent” with hints of leather and exhaust fumes.

A “scent machine” in the bar that converts liquid fragrance into dry mist will ensure the room smells of rich mahogany.

There’s a variety of whiskies on offer (listed under Scotchy Scotch Scotch) and a cocktail called Milk Was a Bad Choice, made with spiced rum, cream, vanilla and nutmeg. The Afternoon Delight is made with vodka, pineapple, cardamom soda and lime.

Ron Burgundy’s Rich Mahogany Bar will run from Thursday October 13 to Saturday October 15, then Thursday October 20 to Saturday October 22 from 6pm to late at the Porcelain Tea Parlour, 149 Elgin Street, Carlton.

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