We live in a world where companies will deliver alcohol, condoms and even fresh socks and underwear, straight to your door. Life has never been this easy.

Tervey, Australia’s first bacon-subscription service, will be in Melbourne soon. Because, according to Bryan Robertson (founder of Tervey and creator of cereal pop-up, Cereal Anytime), breakfast efficiency can always be improved.

“You can’t beat the smell of bacon cooking on a lazy Sunday morning,” Robertson says.

The service is quite simple. You place an order online and, at your convenience, fall into a sweet slumber. When you’re fully rested, gently wake and mosey on down to your front door. Open the door, and there, on your doorstep, you’ll find a box of bacon.

“The bacon is stored in a polystyrene box with a dry-ice pack. For the sake of freshness, we do recommend that your order is refrigerated or cooked before noon."

For Robertson, Tervey is all about convenience. “It’s cutting out multiple unnecessary steps for professionals who don’t have time (or the inclination) to go to the supermarket.”

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But it’s also about a love of good-quality, free-range meat: Tervey’s bacon comes directly from local farms.

So you can tuck into a thick slice of DIY-cured maple-syrup bacon (you add the syrup, salt, spices and chilli), or get stuck into juniper-flavoured, salt-cured speck ham (similar to prosciutto). Or send your loved one to the door and wake to the smell of free-range bacon.

Orders are delivered with additional basting materials, spices and crackling recipes to ensure you make the most of your meat.

Robertson has grand plans for bringing home even more bacon. “I’m from South Africa, so I’m a big lover of boerewors (a South African sausage and delicacy),” he says. “If enough people sign up to Tervey, it would be great to expand into barbequed meat.”

Tervey is due to launch this summer. Subscribe online at tervey.com.

PLEASE NOTE: Greenvale Farm was mentioned in an earlier version of this article. They are not associated with Tervey and the name of Greenvale Farm was used in error.