Is the local mall the new dining hotspot? Perhaps, if Andy Gale has his way with Meet Patty, a new burger outlet in Mentone’s Thrift Park Shopping Centre.

He has form. Gale’s former business, the Duchess of Spotswood, put the suburb on the culinary map. “I like the suburbs,” Gale says. “But going into a shopping centre wasn’t something I’d considered. It took me a while to get over the line, I must say.”

The presence of Bertie’s Butcher in the suburban complex, in which Darren Moncrieff is a partner, helped convince Gale of its merits. Moncrieff is now a partner in Meet Patty.

“We decided that a burger shop next door to the butcher shop in Mentone would be really smart,” Gale explains. “The meat from Bertie’s Butchers is all free-range, and it gets minced for us on a daily basis. And I just walk next door and pick it up.”

That beef is Habbies Howe’s grass-fed Black Angus from the Strathbogie Ranges. It’s rolled into patties, slapped on the grill, has cheese melted over it and is rested for two minutes before going onto the bun. “I don’t like them dry, I like a little bit of dribble,” Gale says. “It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but that’s what I enjoy.”

Meet Patty’s bacon is Greta Valley free-range Berkshire pork smoked by Sebastian Jurcan. The chicken burgers are made with Bannockburn free-range chooks. The team also pickles okra and habaneros in-house, which it supplements with McClure’s Pickles. “I had a really big search for pickles, and McClure’s came in top every time,” Gale says.

The bread’s a milk-bun-brioche hybrid to cut down on sweetness but to achieve a cloud-like texture. A smoked-charcoal roll is used for the vego black-bean and beetroot burger. “They’re not overly sweet, they’re really fluffy and light,” says Gale.

Cheese is pretty simple: straight-up Kraft. “I like it 'cause it’s really nasty,” Gale says.

The simple fit-out, designed by The Colour Club in Sydney, uses pegboard black furniture and a features a large neon pickle.

Meet Patty Mentone has only been open a week, but there’s already a second venue at Preston Fresh Hood Market. We imagine it won’t be the last.

Meet Patty
Thrift Park Shopping Centre
171 Nepean Highway, Mentone
(03) 9583 4944

Daily 11am–9pm