With smoky American barbeque flavours from the Deep South, Meatmother will be putting a twist on the Aussie summer barbeque at the Royal Croquet Club this January.

The principles of American barbeque are a little different from our own; low and slow cooking over indirect heat rather than direct cooking over a flame. But whatever your method, Meatmother’s Neil Hamblen says that at the heart of all great barbeque is a passion for great meat. Great barbeque, says Hamblen, is about, “Working a fire, understanding your cuts and how they respond to temperature changes and learning every time you cook until you get the best result.”

Meatmother’s sister restaurant, Meatmaiden, is as much about meat from the grill as from the smoker, so these guys know what they’re doing with a pair of tongs and a flame, too. For our summer barbeque, Meatmother will draw on its restaurant menu by serving two buns and one meat tray (meat and a side). The crew is confident its buns will be the top-seller. With burnt ends (10-hour oak smoked brisket, cubed and crisped), jalapeno slaw and Meatmother’s barbeque sauce; and the smoked Cajun sausage with parsley, red onion, horseradish and mustard, we can see why. The meat tray will include barbeque lamb cutlets, mint dressing, capers and cornichon potato salad. The grill options will be done classic Aussie barbeque style, but will have all the flavours of the Deep South in the spices and rubs it uses.

“Apart from barbeque, it can’t be an Aussie summer without plenty of oysters,” says Hamblen. With that in mind, it will be shucking some local Tasmanian oysters with pickled cucumber providing a cooling accompaniment in the heat.

“During summer time in Melbourne, what could feel more Australian than standing over a grill turning meat with friends and listening to great tunes?” asks Hamblen. “We’ll just need plenty of cold beer to complete the picture.”

We’re sure that can be arranged at the Royal Croquet Club.

The Broadsheet Summer Barbeque at the Royal Croquet Club will run from January 16 to February 1, 2015.