You’d think bright-green burger buns, mushroom lattes and vegan eggs would be polarising. Turns out, people will show up in droves for it.

“On the first day we sold out of food early, so we increased our order for the next day, and we sold out of food even earlier,” says co-owner Nic Davidson. “For the third day (Sunday), we doubled our order, and we ran out of food before lunch.”

Matcha Mylkbar is the new vegan cafe on the corner of St Kilda’s Acland and Carlisle Streets by Davidson, Sarah Holloway and brothers Mark and Attil Filippelli.

The cafe gained a significant Instagram following before opening – which you could partly credit to the announcement of its unusual menu items, which include the vegan eggs.

The “egg white” is made from agar-agar, a jelly-like substance derived from algae. It’s coloured by almond and coconut milk. The “yolk” is a soft puree made from sweet potato, coconut milk and linseed protein. The whole egg is then cooked in a sous vide bath and served with a sprinkling of matcha salt.

You’ll see much matcha (a powdered green tea) throughout the menu. It’s supplied by Matcha Maiden, a local company owned by Holloway and Davidson.

The mushroom latte – something you might approach with a little trepidation – is surprisingly un-mushroom-y. It’s made with almond milk and sweetened with vanilla spice and agave. There’s only a subtle note of the chaga mushroom blend.

Alongside colourful bowls (fruit-topped for breakfast, or packed with grains and vegetables for lunch) and some pasta options, there’s also soy chicken between vivid-green matcha buns.

The smoothie list really goes to town on the puns. Options include the Free the Nibs and the Wiz Kale-Leafa served in a skull-shaped glass.

Matcha Mylkbar
72 Acland Street, St Kilda
(03) 9534 1111

Daily 7.30am–4.30pm