How does a vegan cafe serve poached eggs? It invents its own.

That’s just one of the ambitious items on the menu at the soon-to-open Matcha Mylkbar in St Kilda.

The plant-based cafe (which is entirely vegan) is by Sarah Holloway, Nic Davidson and brothers Mark and Attil Filippelli. The Filippellis have opened a number of cafes, including Il Fornaio, The Last Piece and Brighton Schoolhouse. Holloway and Davidson founded Matcha Maiden, a powdered organic green-tea product.

The group has also said that it will have some Hollywood-based investors you will recognise backing the venture (although no names can be mentioned until everything is signed).

Matcha Mylkbar will serve breakfast and lunch. The twist is that a third of the menu features matcha, including matcha pancakes and matcha smoothie bowls.

“We wanted to recreate a new menu where people won’t even know they’re eating vegan foods. None of us are vegan, so the full-flavoured menu was designed with non-vegan eyes,” says Sarah Holloway.

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There’ll be a bacon and eggs dish featuring coconut bacon and the aforementioned egg-free eggs.

As for drinks, matcha lattes will be one of the more familiar options. Mushroom lattes and beetroot lattes will also be available.

“There’s no coffee in these specific lattes, it’s just the latte consistency. For those trying to wean off coffee you can still get benefits of the mushroom extract without the caffeine,” explains Holloway.

Matcha Mylkbar will open at 72 Acland Street, St Kilda on March 30 and open daily from 7.30am to 4.30pm.