Another week, another cafe opens. In the six or so weeks since Broadsheet began publishing we’ve seen at least as many new cafes; and not just new cafes, good new cafes. And that’s not to mention those scheduled to open over the summer. How can Melbourne possibly support so many new cafes? Perhaps it can’t. I guess we’ll see.

The approach taken by the cafes we’ve covered recently seems to be: ‘we’ll do it better than anyone else’. The new Market Lane Coffee at the Prahran Market is no exception. The space is open and airy and in keeping with the market atmosphere, and after barely more than a week this cafe is already a top-tier operation.

Market Lane is owned by Will Studd, the notable cheese importer and founder of Calendar Cheese, and his daughter Fleur. Fleur has actually been a major behind-the-scenes player in Melbourne coffee for a while now. After returning from London, she worked at the Monmouth Coffee Company (one of the only roasters producing drinkable coffee in the UK and original supplier to Flat White), they started Melbourne Coffee Merchants, an importer of high-quality green beans and supplier to roasters like Seven Seeds, Auction Rooms and St. Ali.

Her new endeavour with roaster Jason Schutes (also ex Monmouth), Market Lane, is a cafe and roasting operation with a strong focus on education. So after stocking up on groceries for the week pop in and have a chat to Fleur. She’ll answer any coffee-related questions you may have and take you through the wide variety of single origins on offer to find something for you based on your taste preference and brewing method. She’ll even offer you a taste of everything. When you’ve made your selection, your little bag of beans will also be accompanied by a card containing information on the farm of origin, as well as tasting notes.

Like I said, a focus on education.

Luckily for all of us, this isn’t just another cafe. It’s a welcome addition that really provides that little something extra.

Tue-Sun 7am-3pm