With a single focus on roasting, blending and brewing coffee, Market Lane Coffee has quickly gained a reputation as one of Melbourne’s best. Ask anyone familiar with the local coffee scene and they’ll know who you’re talking about.

Baker D. Chirico’s vacant storeroom is the location for Market Lane Coffee’s latest pop-up coffee shop. In a beautiful marriage of the two purveyors, coffee lovers in Carlton can now pick up their morning croissant or loaf of bread, and then visit next door for a delicious Market Lane Coffee.

A daintily decorated windowsill adjacent to the artisan bakery is your only clue to the coffee shop’s existence, inviting pedestrians to discover the place for themselves. When the reward is a Market Lane pour over or espresso, it pays to be inquisitive.

The fit-out has been designed and realised with the pop-up’s temporary lifespan in mind, featuring pieces that can easily be removed and installed elsewhere should the desire for another installation arise. Clean white walls and delicate wooden finishes transform the interior into a charming space. Subtle pops of colour spill out of geranium filled vases, while olive green bowler hats from a taste-testing trip to Bolivia sit lovingly along the wall.

In amongst Carlton’s rich and diverse community of food enthusiasts – and with a herb and spice merchant, a French delicatessen and a mozzarella laboratory as its neighbours – Market Lane is in good company in Melbourne’s inner north.

Market Lane Coffee Pop-up Store
176 Faraday Street, Carlton
(03) 9804 7434

Tues to Sat 7am–3pm
Sun 8am–3pm