It was with very little fanfare that Market Lane Coffee opened their second cafe venture right near another market last Friday. On bustling Therry Street, bordering the Queen Vic Market, the small, bright, double-fronted cafe can be identified by its distinct window signature: “We love to make coffee for the city who love to drink it.”

Located just opposite the market’s organic fruit and veg section, Market Lane has slid into the landscape comfortably, as though it was meant to be there all along.

The cafe space is light, open and clean, with a white painted brick interior, banquette seating against the walls and front window, a couple of higher stools against one wall and a T-shaped coffee and tea station, which is the centrepiece of the room.

There are no tables, but you don’t need them. After all, you are only here for coffee. With two baristas either side of the T, they’re serving coffee (no soy or skinny milk), pour over, espresso beverages, and a small selection of pastries and cakes.

Their focus here is on the retail aspect of selling beans and like the flagship store in Prahran, they are dedicated to teaching their customers about coffee and how to brew it at home. On display is a range of single-estate beans, as well as brewing equipment and other coffee accoutrements.

Just when you thought that roaster Jason Scheltus and business partner Fleur Studd were done, they’ve brought great coffee to market shoppers in another part of town.

Market Lane Coffee
109–111 Therry Street, Melbourne

Mon-Sun 7am-3pm