Andrew Kelly is a very busy, very happy man. As well as juggling family life, he’s the owner and operator of North Melbourne’s Auction Rooms cafe, a standing-room-only cafe Counter (which he’s just about to open), as well as boutique roastery Small Batch just down the road. Now he’s about to take the next step and open a brand new venue in the CBD in early 2014, Kelly’s life is about to get even busier.

Over the next few months, we’ll be following Kelly every step of the way as he works towards opening his as yet unnamed new venture. He’s already come a long way- he’s prepared a successful concept for the business, he’s secured a lease at a perfect site… and now it’s time to take his plan to the bank.

In the third episode of our video series, Kelly roasts up some beans at Small Batch and explains his innovative new business concept to us, before meeting with Bank of Melbourne’s local business manager, Vanessa Hastie, to discuss ideas for managing cash flow in the initial stages of the business, as well as some options for handling his accounts. It’s an important next step for Kelly, and an informative episode for anyone who runs their own business – or is working towards taking the next step themselves.

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