While the sausage-in-sandwich-bread combo is a winner, and might please most of your Grand Final barbeque guests, some may like a little break from tradition. Try something new and give the day another talking point.

We chat to a few barbeque aficionados to find out what else you can cook up this Grand Final Saturday.

Darren from Berties Butcher
218 Swan St, Richmond

Operating on a site that has housed butchers since 1870, there’s a lot of knowledge in the Berties team, and it knows how to barbeque. We spoke with head butcher Darren Moncrieff for some ideas on what to serve your hungry guests.

Something a little different:
“A butterflied leg of lamb is great for catering for larger numbers. They plate up really nicely, and are easy to cook, much like a large steak. Do 10–15 minutes on either side and rest,” Moncrieff says. Plating up grilled meat with salad or roast vegetables adds that little bit extra to a meat platter.

Darren also loves the idea of a spit for occasions like Grand Final Day. “A spit is always a hit. You can cook 5 kilograms of meat easily. Once you get the coals up and running, you just leave it to cook. No fuss.” For keen footy fans, a spit means you don’t have to worry about tending a barbeque while the game is on. Plus the meat stays warm well into the late-afternoon/evening, perfect for post-game munchies.

Berties Butchers offers a free spit service when you purchase your special-occasion spit meat there.

A classic re-invented:
For those who want to step up their sausage-in-bread game, Darren suggests going the gourmet-hot-dog route with its free-range pork-and-pepper sausage.

“Our Italian-style sausages are really popular for barbeques. People love to use these as hot dogs, adding cheese and bacon bits, salsa and onions. They are a great crowd pleaser.

Simon Ongarato from Largo
411 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Largo may have a small shopfront on Brunswick street, but it has a large following. Its warehouse stocks more than 800 items, so there is something for every eater. Owner Simon Ongarato tells us his must-haves:

Something a little different:
“It depends on how many people you invite, and how close the friendship is … But our beautiful rump steak, cut thick, is a great barbeque item,” he says. “Otherwise our Wagyu burgers.”

A classic (slightly) re-invented:
“It’s hard to beat the classic,” Ongarato says. “But we offer a variety of sausages that appeal to every taste. Some of the best are the lamb and leek; chilli and fennel; or Wagyu beef with cracked pepper.” Keeping it simple, he says, “It doesn’t get better than topping a gourmet sausage with spicy mustard”.

Mo Wyse and Shannon Martinez, Smith & Deli
111 Moor St, Fitzroy

For the non-meat eaters among us, or for those who just like trying something new, Smith & Deli owners Mo Wyse and Shannon Martinez (also head chef), have some original ways to do barbeque snacks.

Something a little different:
“Vegan pulled-pork nachos with jackfruit carnitas (pulled-pork replacement), queso, sour cream, guacamole, jalapenos, corn, salsa, the works! Easy to share, easy to eat,” says Martinez. While not a dish to cook on the barbeque, nachos are a snack to please all while waiting for the main event.

Wyse is originally from the US, so the Grand Final barbeque is a new-ish concept for her. However, she says, “If it’s anything like the Superbowl: corn chips, dip and vegan pigs-in-blankets are perfect for celebrating with friends”. Smith & Deli offers a range of vegan antipasto and dips to please even the most hardcore meat eater: curried egg and tuna salad, plus pickles, vegan buffalo mozzarella and faux pastrami and turkey.

A classic re-invented:
“Shannon makes a mean Morcilla – blood sausage! That in bread would be a spicy, delicious, Spanish take on the Aussie classic,” says Wyse. “Served with a fresh, bright chimmichuri.”