Prepared daily across broad swathes of North Africa and the Middle East, and found in fridges far beyond, hummus could be the world’s favourite dip. Shane Delia’s Middle Eastern-inspired Maha is paying tribute with a creative and limited edition hummus share platter box for four people, available now via Providoor.

Inside there are two meaty spins on the classic: a smoked hummus with spiced chicken and Turkish spiced burnt butter, and a lamb-fat hummus with baharat-spiced lamb and pine nuts. A fish version pairs almond hummus with arak-pickled cucumber, hot-smoked salmon and kombu. Finally, there’s one for vegetarians: pumpkin and cinnamon hummus with roasted macadamia nut, sage and honey. Scoop them up with lavosh crackers and Maha’s own Iraqi flat bread – available pre-made or as a DIY kit – served with delicate toum (garlic sauce) and za'atar.

Delia’s also found a cider that he loves to drink with hummus. Produced by two cousins in Chile’s Tolten Vale, the 2015 Quebrada Del Chucao Cider is made and bottled like a champagne. It has a “really dry apple pie flavour,” says Delia, with an “earthiness and richness” that perfectly balances out any of the hummus dishes in the box. You can find it in his Broadsheet Wine box (which also includes five delicious wines) available to order through Broadsheet or Providoor for $160.

Maha’s hummus share platter box and the Shane Delia x Broadsheet Wine box are available until June 5.